The artists

The artists in the wine cellar

Michael Lutschounig

Carinthian, graduate of the study of viticulture, oenology and wine management at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, who - in addition to completing a diploma in crop science - is fully committed to viticulture.

Marcus Bülow

Viennese with German-New Zealand roots and also graduated in viticulture, enology and wine business at the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences. After gaining practical experience in viticulture and gastronomy, he completed the master's course in International Wine Marketing at the FH Burgenland.

The artists of wine

In May 2019 we jumped into self-employment and founded our own winery in the region Carnuntum. The idea behind it came up while studying viticulture, oenology and wine management at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna.

We converted the now 3-hectare farm to organic farming at the beginning of 2021, a further step towards realising our ideals.

Artists on the labels

Each of our wines is a piece of art! To make this visible from the outside of the bottle, we work with artists who presenting their work on the labels. Together we create a piece of art concerning content and presentation.

Kristina K. aka Krizzle

Croatian, Welsh and Viennese.

Besides physics, painting, tattooing and being creative gives her an inner flower-picking every day. She finds inspiration in the beauty of nature and street art.

Daniel Hosenberg

The artist, born in Carinthia in 1985, lives and works in Vienna.
In his series of works, which he himself calls "symbiotic overpaintings", he combines elements of photography, digital processing and painting to "analogise" digital images. He takes the models for his artworks from film stills, social media or simply the family album. Through the often radical choice of his image details, he forces the viewer to "think beyond the edge of the image".

Sofie Strasser

Sofie Strasser works as a printmaker, illustrator and designer in Vienna. A trained wood and stone sculptor, she studied design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (AT) and HDK Gothenburg (SE) (2005). Between 2011 and 2015 Sofie lived and worked in New Orleans (USA). Since her return to Vienna, she has been intensively involved with letterpress techniques and has found her primary form of expression in linocut. Her works are hand-printed in oil on various, mainly Japanese printing papers.

Kat Suryna

Kat Suryna, born 1988, is a Belarusian figurative artist with a background in academic philosophy. She follows the tradition of Russian academic drawing and painting in which she was formally taught. Her work has been exhibited in Estonia, Hungary, Austria and Hong Kong. Her art focuses on the human body, organic patterns in nature and architectural narratives. As a researcher and educator, Kat Suryna explores the relationship between artistic work, science and scientific research.

Katarína Hutníková

Katarína Hutníková is a Bratislava-based graphic designer and illustrator specialising in branding, print design and digital illustration. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Design in the Department of Printmaking. Katarína likes to play with visual jokes and metaphors. Her illustrations are often characterised by bright colours, clear shapes and different textures. In her portfolio you can find editorial, commercial and children's illustrations.


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